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E.A.S. (Energy Absorption System) Portable Soccer Goals

by Bownet Sports Media Team July 26, 2016

E.A.S. (Energy Absorption System) Portable Soccer Goals

The key to what makes Bownets superior 

Throughout history, portable goals have had rigid frames, came in many pieces that snapped together and were a hassle to set up and take down and usually required the use of guide wires, which players easily tripped over.  As we all know, these types of nets and goals have a short lifespan and are simply a pain to put together, take down, transport and store. 


The Bownet Solution:

Bownet set out to design a portable goal that was simple to set up and take down and could outlast any other portable net on the market. They replaced the rigid frame goal posts with flexible composite rods, specially engineered base and the highest quality elastic netting. Thus, The Energy Absorption System was created.

Bownet EAS

The Benefits:

Superior Engineering

The EAS design allows the goals to flex and bend which reduces stress and tension on the net which not only increases the lifespan of the netting, but also creates a more stable and balanced goal.


Strong and Durable Soccer Goals

The specially engineered steel frame with the pre-attached net and the strongest, most flexible composite “BOW” poles are what give the goal its incredible strength and durability.


A Safer Soccer Goal

The industry was also requesting a safer net and by removing the hard frame and guide wires Bownet has reduced injury of collision with the frame or tripping over the guide wires, especially for younger players.


Fast Set-up and Take-down

All these elements have been thoughtfully designed to assemble with incredible ease. Most of our Bownet Goals can be set up in under a couple minutes giving you more time to play.

Bownet eventually went on to apply this same technology to a variety of other products for Baseball, Softball, Football, Lacrosse and more. Creating nets, goals and training systems that are extremely durable, portable, simple to use, and most important, effective training tools.

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Bownet Sports Media Team
Bownet Sports Media Team